Pit-Stop Credit Pte. Ltd.


Company Name: Pit-Stop Credit Pte. Ltd.

License Number: 62/2020

Contact Number: 6297 1909

Website: http://www.pitstopcredit.com.sg

Address: 200 Jalan Sultan, #02-27A Textile Centre, Singapore 199018

Description: Pit-Stop Credit Pte. Ltd., a company licensed by the Registry of Moneylenders Singapore since 2009. They have various customizations of loans to assist customer’s unexpected expenses. They understand that every borrower has different needs when it comes to obtaining a loan thus they will find the perfect loan that caters. They listen to customer’s needs and with their expertise and experience of a licensed moneylender in Singapore, they will give their best assistance to assess financial situation and make a suitable plan for loan and repayment.

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