Medical Loan


Like other necessary expenses, medical expenses can put you in significant financial stress. A medical cost can take thousands of dollars from you, burning a big hole in your pocket for a stay in the hospital. Not to mention the opportunity cost of being away from work that could have earned you some money. In that regards, a medical loan can help you overcome the financial burden of these expenses. You can easily pay the bills of your doctors, hospitals, and medicines. So, let’s have a look and find out why a medical loan is useful for you!

What is a Medical Loan?

Typically, a medical loan covers both the essential and elective medical requirements and processes. You might have a private health insurance to tackle the worst situation; still you may have to pay an excessive amount of covering all procedures. This is where a medical loan comes into play. You can apply for this loan and cover all costs related to your treatments.

What are the Features of a Medical Loan?

A medical loan includes some great features. Almost all these features have similarities to that of a personal loan.

  • Fees: The fees charged for a medical loan can be the setup handling fees or monthly fees. Usually, these fees vary depending on the moneylender. Besides, there might be other costs like – early repayment fees or cancellation fees.
  • Repayments: The repayment schedule will differ from lender to lender. Most of the moneylenders provide weekly, monthly or fortnightly repayment schedule to repay the loan.
  • Loan amount: Medical costs are on the rise hence the loan amount may be quite substantial. However, you need to watch out that you are not taking up more loan amount than you need.
  • Loan terms: The medical loans usually include a high loan amount. Because of it, you might have a longer-term payback period.

Different Types of Medical Loan

Along with the traditional medical loan types, some moneylenders in Singapore might offer you specialized loan types to cover your medical costs. These include the following –

  • Cosmetic surgery loans
  • Dental loans
  • Medical travel loans

The Benefits of Medical Loan

There are many advantages of a medical loan. These are as follows –

  • Upon fulfilling all the formalities, the turnaround time for medical loan application approval is quite fast.
  • Almost all types of expenses including operation, medicines, and treatment are included in the loan package.
  • Options to customize the loan structure.
  • Repayment of the loan amount as per the loan agreement.

People of all classes can apply for a medical loan. There is no distinction as to who is eligible for this kind of loan. So, from rich to poor, anyone can have a medical loan and overcome the financial strain quickly. In truth, a medical loan will allow you to protect yourself and your family in dire situations!

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