Situations When A Payday Loan Makes The Best Option

Best for emergency purposes, payday loans are  short term loans that are designed to suit the borrower’s immediate needs. You can receive such loans quickly, and in most cases, you’d have to pay back the loan on the day when you receive your next salary, hence the name ‘payday loans’.

Although payday loans are mostly suitable for only small amounts – as much as your salary, usually – this also means it is a low-risk loan. Thus, for moments where you fall short on cash before your next paycheque, payday loans can be a great option, without the risk of incurring high interest rates and going into a long-term debt.

Why do people find payday loans useful? Here are some situations in which a payday loan might come in handy.

Unprecedented costs

Most months, your expenditure might look quite similar, and your salary can cover them comfortably. However, unexpected events like a home appliance breaking down, a medical situation, or a raise in home rental might require immediate, extra funds. It is in these unpredictable events that a quick loan like a payday loan will be a great option. It enables you to quickly address your current needs, while ensuring you do not borrow beyond your means.

Having a bad credit score

Many lending companies base their loan approvals on a borrower’s credit score. But for payday loans, the requirements are usually more lenient, and you just have to prove that you are currently employed, and have a stable income stream. There’s little reason to default on the payment for a payday loan if you have a steady income to pay it back in the next month. Considering this, it is advisable never to default on a payday loan, as you risk incurring hefty debts from the penalties.

Making a huge purchase

It is never a good idea to spend excessively on luxury items, or to take loans out for unnecessary spending. However, small loans can help you fund purchases if you know how to use it wisely. For example, if it is an item you need this month, and you know you can afford it once your salary comes in, then it is a viable option to take out a small payday loan to cover the costs first.


As seen, there are many pros along with payday loans. Apart from its quick nature, payday loans are also readily available at licensed moneylenders in Singapore. Requiring no collateral or complicated application processes, taking out a payday loan is a convenient option for the days where cash is a little tight.

However, to select the right moneylender, do your thorough research and ensure you’ve browsed through the list of moneylenders in Singapore. To better filter out your options, feel free to check for vital factors like reviews and rates too.

If you require larger loan amounts, you should check out other loan types like personal loans instead. If you are unsure of which loan will best suit your needs, most moneylenders will be glad to assist and advise you.

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