3 Reasons Why Always Paying Your Debt On Time Is A Must

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Debt can be more common than you think. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Finder, about 1 in 3 Singaporeans (aged 16 and above) took a personal loan in 2020. Even though holding debt might be common, being debt-free can make your life much better. Hence, it is always best to pay off your debts.

While paying off debt requires a great amount of motivation, plenty of benefits come with doing so. Here are some good reasons that may convince you to pay your debts on time.

1. You earn a better credit score

As mentioned, having debt is not a terrible thing. However, it can be worrying if you have accumulated too much or a significantly large sum of debt. If you owe too much money or hold a history of not paying your bills on time, you would most likely get a bad credit score.

Whenever your loan balance amount becomes higher than how much you originally borrowed, you can expect your credit score to take a deep dive. Having a low credit score means that it would be harder to get a loan the next time you need it. As such, if you wish to improve your credit score, it’s best to pay your debts on time. Whether you hold a monthly installment loan or a payday loan in Singapore, be sure not to miss a month of repayment.

2. You get to avoid paying fees

Late payment of a loan does not come without a consequence. Typically, your loan contract should include this clause, which your moneylender might have also explained. Unfortunately, late or non-payment of your debts will always hold you liable for fees and penalties. You might have to shoulder various types of fees when you fail to pay your debt on time, such as late payment fees and interest charges.

If you wish to avoid the hassle of paying more than what you have borrowed, ensure to make your payment before the due date. Even though borrowing money from a licensed moneylender can minimise your chances of getting high penalties, you would still have to pay fees and interests for overdue payments, which you could have saved for making payments on time.

3. You minimise any stress you experience from loans

Taking out either a long-term or short-term loan in Singapore can be equally stressful. Debts can indeed bring extra stress to your life because you tend to worry constantly about how you would cover both your loans and living expenses. When you have debts, you would be unable to spend much on the things you enjoy as you are concerned about paying your debts first.

The key to living a stress-free life is to become debt-free gradually. When you are free from debts, you would have complete control of your earnings. By paying off your debt on time, you improve the possibility of paying your debt entirely and ending the cycle of financial constraints.


Planning and discipline are the ultimate keys to managing your debts well. If you wish to get a better credit score, save more money, and lead a less stressful life, it’s best to be organised, disciplined, and motivated enough to pay all your debts on time. By ensuring that you never miss a payment, you can gradually work your way through clearing your debt. Once you have cleared your debt, you can accumulate more savings to spend on the things you enjoy, invest in something fruitful, or save for the future.

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