3 Key Advantages of Taking Out A Monthly Instalment Loan

When it comes to ensuring your long-term finances, a monthly instalment loan can be essential. However, most people do not often consider these types of loans unless they are making a big purchase. One such instance where a monthly instalment loan can be significant is when individuals are purchasing a new flat or a new car, or something that is equally as expensive.

What you should know is that a monthly instalment loan can be crucial and beneficial in multiple different ways, even for smaller or time-sensitive spending. Here are a few key advantages you should know when taking out a monthly instalment loan.

1. Predictable monthly payments

One key advantage of taking out a monthly instalment loan lies in the fact that your monthly payments are all reliable and fixed. For the entire duration of the loan, a licensed moneylender will layout a fixed interest rate. This means that you do not need to worry about the rates changing for the rest of the duration. Instead, as the borrower, you will know exactly just how much is required for each payment period, and how much in total you will end up paying to the licensed moneylender throughout the duration of the loan.

The total paid amount is important as it gives better transparency on just how much the interest rate of the loan is. Not to mention, it allows you to compare offers from a list of moneylenders and pick the one with the best interest rates.

2. Affordable monthly payments

Because a monthly instalment loan lets you pay for the loaned amount over a period of time, the longer loan tenure means that your monthly payments are also financially lighter.

The longer the loan period is, the more you will end up paying for it in total due to accumulated interest. However, as the monthly payment is low, this doesn’t feel like too heavy a burden on your finances month on month.

3. Larger loan amount

Most licensed moneylenders recommend monthly instalment loans for individuals who require a considerable amount of money immediately and have good credit to support their loan.

With monthly instalments, you can borrow a larger sum of money, as opposed to if you simply take out a payday loan, for example. Thus, it is ideal for big ticket spending like for a home, car, or business.


A monthly instalment loan is an excellent way for you to jump-start your small and budding business, or fund lifestyle essentials like a new home. However, you should always use a monthly instalment loan responsibly and carefully. Due to the larger amounts and long-term tenure, you have to make sure you can commit to the repayment, otherwise you risk defaulting payment and will face penalties.

With all of the key advantages of a monthly instalment loan listed above, it is important to be financially responsible. Not only can it help you improve your credit standing with banks and licensed moneylenders, you will also be able to live a life without worrying about piling debt.

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